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Welcome to RCSD's LIVE web interface! To launch the site click "Login Button" below then use your eTIME User Name and Password to access your account.  

As always if you have any questions please call us at 585-698-1040

The WORK INJURY REPORT FORM is accessible to you, just click on link above.

Please use the STAFF FEEDBACK and SERVICE REVIEW areas above.  The more feedback and reviews we receive, the better we are able to make your experience!

We ask that you place as many of your orders through this system as possible.   Please note we have also created a simple to follow user guide with a link below, please print it for your reference. The usabilty and value of this system will increase as you popluate the database with your staffing orders.  Again thank you for your continued support.


eTime Instructions For Managers

eTime Instructions For Employees

How To Place Orders In eTime Instructions